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An event is described as “a point in space-time” or “a significant occurrence or happening.” A process, on the other hand, is described as “a series of actions, changes or functions that bring about a result.” These two terms describe the differences between medical conditions and the chiropractic condition, the vertebral subluxation. Most people think that a medical condition is an event, an occurrence or happening. A heart attack is thought to be an “occurrence” at “a point in time.” While that is true for the incident, what caused the heart disease is a process. It is “a series of actions” as well as inaction that causes the disease and precipitates the event. Failure to exercise, eating poorly, and subjecting your body to stress are all actions or inactions that lead to this event. Perhaps if we viewed disease as a process, we would be more likely to alter that process at some point in time and reverse the process that leads to the often fatal event. Almost every other disease is also a process. Cancer does not occur overnight. The causes may take years to develop. And the cancer itself may go unnoticed and undiagnosed for months or even years. Diabetes has a genetic factor to it but there are a series of actions that precipitate the event deemed the onset of the disease. Failing to take care of our health is a process. The recognition of or the diagnosis of a disease may be an event but disease is a process.

A vertebral subluxation is entirely different. It is clearly an event. It occurs at a specific point in time when the forces of the environment overcome the ability of the body to maintain the vertebra in its proper position. In that way the subluxation is different than and clearly not a disease. When that subluxation occurs another event takes place. The body, the entire body, begins to work at less than its potential. Every part of the body is interrelated and when the mental impulses from the brain are altered or interfered with, the entire organism is affected. That occurs immediately. It would be great if at that instant an alarm would go off. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Cells begin to die, notice the word begin. It takes time for those cells to die. It takes time for enough cells to die that tissues are affected. It takes time for enough tissues to be affected for a change to occur in the function of an organ or system of the body. All of this is a process and all of this is happening before the process of disease begins to take place, well before the “event” that is associated with a disease occurs.

The event of subluxation creates a state of disharmony in the body. This process of disharmony may under certain circumstances result in the process leading up to the “event” called a disease. The circumstances may be genetics, the environment, factors that would lower the resistance or compromise the body’s immune system or any combination of these or other factors. There are dozens of such factors. The important point to note, however, is that the body begins to function at less than its optimum as soon as the subluxation occurs. Given the right circumstances, the event of disease may never occur, however, that does not mean you are healthy. It definitely means that your body was functioning at less than optimum. That is why it is so important to have your spine checked regularly. In this manner, you can insure that you are having subluxations corrected as soon after the event occurs as possible so that the process of damage and degeneration and perhaps disease is kept to a minimum.

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