Benefits of Massage:

1) Massage Benefits The Circulatory System By:

  1. Helping to develop a stronger heart
  2. Improving oxygen supply to cells
  3. Improving the supply of nutrients to cells
  4. Decreasing blood pressure

2) Massage Benefits The Digestive System By:

  1. Relaxing the abdominal and intestinal muscles
  2. Relieving tension
  3. Stimulates activity of liver and kidneys
  4. Eliminating waste material

3) Massage Benefits The Muscular System By:

  1. Relaxing or stimulating muscles
  2. Reducing fibrotic adhesions in muscles and connective tissues
  3. Helping to keep muscles flexible and pliable

4) Massage Benefits the Respiratory System By:

  1. Developing respiratory muscles
  2. Assisting in proper breathing

5) Massage Benefits the Lymph system:

  1. Increasing circulation of lymph
  2. Cleaning the body of metabolic wastes

6) Massage Benefits the Integumentary System (skin) By:

  1. Stimulating blood to better nourish skin
  2. Improving tone and elasticity of skin
  3. Helping to normalize glandular functions

7) Massage Benefits The Skeletal System By:

  1. Improving body alignment
  2. Relieving stiff joints

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